Another cup of coffe

@152007 (130)
April 19, 2007 6:04am CST
i hate how coffe turns into an addiction.How it keeps you up all night and how it burns and makes your heartbeat past.especially how it makes you for its crave,for its rich,sweet promises of grain, milk and sugar. Moments later it puts you into melancholic mood into coldness and even before you realize it has consumed you before you shoul've cnsumed it.
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• India
19 Apr 07
Does coffee has such an effect as to put you into a melancholic and cold mood? I'm hearing it for the first time. And as far as addiction is concerned - one gets addicted or not, depends on one's willpower. If you strongly wills that just 2 cups of coffee is enough for a day then you should stick to your decision willfuully and strongly. It depends on your mind power. Of course it is not that easy but you can practise it and can finally conquer temptations. Try it and don't hate coffee. It is a rejuvanatig good drink and limited amounts of it only do good for the body. And for that matter too much of anything is harmful for the body! Coffee has some medicinal values also.