Which one Will you choose?

April 19, 2007 8:14am CST
You know,there are many important factors influencing our life,such as the work,the wealth,the health,friends and so on,other these,we can't alive in this world,right?Now,if giving you only one chance to choose one factor among these,which will you choose?I will choose the friends,because my friends have given me so much help and will give me more help in future,haha,and I think they were the most important factors in my life,so if let me choose,I will choose the friends,what about you?I want to know your opinions,welcome to discuss!
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@mdchennai (2129)
• India
23 Apr 07
Well, if i get such chance then i will choose LOVE. I think that if there is love then there is everything. We can have many friends but without love those friends wont survive for a long time. If there is love in a family then anything can be attained with it :)
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• China
26 Apr 07
Yes,you are right,the love is the most important thing in the world,there won't nothing existing without love,thank you for your response,I admire you,the word you said is so with reason.
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