there is

@mlotboy (293)
April 19, 2007 10:53am CST
there is a guy in my neighbourhood who thinks he is better than the rest in everything. It is so irritating.
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20 Apr 07
Oh boy does this get on my nerves to. Next door to parents live a group of polish people. foul mouthed, rather cheap, tacky and lets just say nothing special. (YET THEY BELIEVE THEY ARE) Infact one told me to get out of this country. :@ (I'm from england btw) Another person is this couple who moved in a few months ago, they own a mini which is quite ran down and they hardly go out but when they do they're always making "loud" sly remarks about people who are out or regarding their houses. (when they live in a council house??) I won't name this other one but yes these people are irritating. (actually quite lame) ~Joey
@rodeotexas (1154)
• United States
19 Apr 07
I can't stand people like that. They annoy me so bad to where I just want to throw something at them (to be nice about it). lol I usually try and avoid people like that.
@Blazing15 (333)
• United States
19 Apr 07
I hate when people are like that. We have someone here at work that is the same way. She is only 1 year older than I am and she trys to boss me around and tell me stuff to make me feel stupid and try to brag about all the stuff she has and everything. I just can't stand it. Girl you are no different than anyone else in this office.