the date 16th april has passed and there is still no sign of agloco viewbar.

@sahyd2don (2948)
April 19, 2007 11:55am CST
when are they going to launch it.
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@Jamian (2605)
• Philippines
23 Apr 07
its not launching because its a scam. its simple
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@collstarx (1177)
• Indonesia
22 Apr 07
I think agloco website scam my friends, they never rilis that viewbar, because agloco never made agloco viewbar. Best regards
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• Australia
21 Apr 07
Do you still earn nothing from Agloco? How it can be? I didn't understand that, why people get so many referral if they don't get nothing?
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@RAMONES (537)
• Belgium
20 Apr 07
They will launch it in May 2018. Like : Never... because there is no such thing as an AGLOCO toolbar... just a scam!
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@MusicOnly (330)
• Croatia (Hrvatska)
19 Apr 07
i joined agloco in january and they said that they will release viewbar in two weeks. three months have passed and still no sign of this "great viewbar"! I m losing faith in them! I dont even think that they will actually pay their members!
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• Sri Lanka
3 Jun 07
Yesterday (2 June 2007) we got the news that we were all waiting for. The Agloco viewbar will be ready for download from Monday onwards. It will not be released to everyone but will be according to the order of joining. The viewbar is still in its initial stages and it will be automatically upgraded while we use it. But it will take some time for us to start earning. They would have been spending a fortune developing it.
@jcamp123 (25)
• United States
15 May 07
I know there are problems getting everything setup, but after they came out on April 29, and told everyone it would be released shortly it seems they would keep us updated better. I guess it seems like such a long time when you want something to happen. I just hope it releases some time this week. It sure didn't make it in April like they promised.