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April 19, 2007 11:56am CST
As though it seems... It comes to no surprise that each one of us is entirely vulnerable to the subsequent actions of our local and federal government. Whether trampling down the streets of the impoverished ghetto or aiming for excellence at an institution of higher learning, we all still continue to suffer the wrath of unfit leaders when the strong overpower the weak. By now, the evidence should be in plain sight. The question, however, remains where do we go from here?No money in the world can replace a life and therefore should not be able to determine the fate of a life but as it seems, that is exactly what's happening. We put our livelihood into a society that does not love us back. What's up with that? Taking PREVENTATIVE actions to avoid problems is in the hands of our people, the government and social organizations yet we obviously blame no one and leave it to no one to decide what will come of our lives day to day. What comes of all these internal investigations that point the finger at someone? Do we leave them unpunished even after 1000's are dead? As it seems, depending on anyone else for your safety, security, and well-being can be fatal - especially if you are pressing for time and waiting on our most cowardly government officials. Americans define our lifestyles by what our sexy, glamorous society deems important which we thought was the "American Dream". What does that really mean anyway? Everyone knows you have to make a living but you MUST SURVIVE first! Each day presents a new challenge and tomorrow's challenges will continue to become even harder to overcome. Not being able to trust in our government for security and protection is even more disheartening. It's nice knowing that we have our freedoms, but at what cost? Our lives?!?!?Predictions of the future only shed light on vague presumptions assumed by "political big heads" and "social butt kissers" to give only an idea about what may happen and what they think SHOULD happen but who is to hold them accountable for what they THINK? NO ONE- because we are granted to right to freely speak our minds no matter what bull comes out. Therefore, we hear much of what is political jargon and rely on every word as fact, though much is never carried out or mentioned again. How do you know your doctor can save you? How do you know your policemen are capable of protecting you? YOU DON'T. You unknowingly assume that they are well-trained and have the capabilities to protect you in the event of an emergency. We are learning those assumptions can be fatal. You will reap the benefits of the life you've made for YOURSELF and only you are responsible for that. NOT your parents, teachers, or even the government. Granted there are many factors that influence who we are as people, ONLY YOU can be held accountable for your actions, where you've been, and where you are going. Replacing life is impossible and as is seems, we need to get back to the basics of teaching ourselves the mechanisms for survival. If survival of the fittest is true, those arming themselves against those with menial protection will be the survivors. NO ONE is safe. Not even here in America because many envy our right to decide the kind of life we want live. As though it seems, moving forward requires yet another reality check. Our government, our society, and ourselves need to wake up and realize there is still a real threat to things as we know it. Perhaps the checks and balances system must be reinstated or perhaps completely overhauled so that SOMEONE in higher places really looks out for our best interests (and our lives). There are little people in small places, too. Everyone's life is important to them even if not to the next person and something must be done before everyone enacts their right to bear arms. We have not come so far in the wrong direction, but only avoided correcting problems as they occur. We are too busy getting caught up in political headlines and what is seemingly important only to shoot ourselves in the foot and suffer the dangerous consequences of our oversight. We MUST decide where we're headed and ONLY YOU can take us there by making smart decisions about who you want to hold responsible for their ability or inability to lead our communities, our schools, and our nation. We can no longer stomp our strong national heritage or inject our social environment with political incompetence. America stands for change.
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20 Apr 07
Wow, too long lol. I read the first part and the last part so I get the idea and I agree. We need better leaders. Hopefully my generation will supply them, but I don't think it will...:(