who's your favorite character?

United States
April 19, 2007 12:16pm CST
i like the sorceress alot coz she has powerful skills that can kill a group of monster in just one hit. it easier to play the game coz the enemies cant even touch her. So what about you? who's your favorite and why?
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@cleric4 (23)
• Philippines
18 Sep 08
My favorite would be amazon. Bow and Spear class. Although I have played with all the characters, the amazon seems to be more appealing to me since she can fight in close range and ranged combat and don't need that much mana. she also has her valkyrie which is very strong and would defeat most minor bosses. She is also fun to play because you need full attention when using her compared to a single-spelled sorceress and summoner necro and trapping assassins.
• India
28 Jun 08
mine is necromancer .. somehow i've always had a liking for characters that send out their minions forward and stay back .. not surprisingly my world of warcraft character is a warlock !!
@bdkiller (202)
• United States
30 Apr 08
i have played the barbarian. i have also played the paladin. those characters are both cool. they are battle warriors and can kill those beast easily.
@ferdzNK (3214)
• Philippines
20 Apr 08
I have only played this with Paladin. I love anything about the medieval era: its armor, weapon and gallantry.
@Baltek (261)
• Canada
12 Mar 08
I'd have to say the Necromancer is the best characters for non-boss action, although weaker against boss. His skeletons and golems are great.
@wibbit (85)
• Philippines
1 Feb 08
I prefer the Amazon though I concentrate on her archery skills and not the spear ones. Even in the first incarnation of this game I played the Rogue. A question though, isn't it harder to be a sorceress much later in the game especially if you play in the Nightmare mode, etc? It's just that's been the usual comment I get about the sorceress, she's pretty good when you just play the regular difficulty but pretty useless in other modes since most monsters have strong elemental resistances and her attacks don't damage as much.
@oliverdt (1959)
• Philippines
15 Dec 07
Assassin the best character in Ragnarok On-line. I played it once.
@tujibing (40)
• China
1 Oct 07
My favorite character are necromancer and druid, because I love to call pets and let them fight with enemy ,it is interesting. And I think necromancer have a special charm.
@Aerdran (19)
• United States
7 Jun 07
I have a special fondness for the Assassin. I love her fire traps, particularly Wave of Fire and the like. She was the one I most quickly defeated Diablo with. Burst of Speed is great, too. That in conjunction with her traps is awesome.
@cancatis (406)
• Brazil
26 Apr 07
I like the Paladin: Zeal and Auras skills are the best. Of course, Healing is also a good feature (even with potions). Never go out on a party without a paladin. And I mean saturday night parties. =P
@vega83 (6346)
• Bahrain
20 Apr 07
assassin - my favorite character
Well, the first character I ever played with was the necromancer, so I will always have a soft spot for him, but trust me, playing with him is not so easy, especially when it came time to kill Diablo and Baal, he barely has enough powers and those skeletons and golems would crumble as soon as they were resurrected. I played the game with all the characters after that, and my most favorite has to be assassin. She was great, because depending on my mood, I would choose close combat with her great moves or just fight from far using her traps. Killing Diablo was a piece of cake with her fire traps. Plus her fighting and kicking moves were really awesome, so she's gotta be my favorite, plus I have a soft spot for her, because we're both girls.