Weed Cures Cancer

@Myrrdin (3601)
April 19, 2007 12:36pm CST
Check out my blog post here http://420-now.blogspot.com/2007/04/weed-cures-cancer.html apparently marijuana is a serious possibility as a way to combat lung cancer. So much for the arguments about marijuana causing cancer, since this is the second study that disproves that myth.
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20 Apr 07
wow..wouldnt that be something? I tel ya what they either already have or are going to real soon..leaglize mary J completely!! i was kidding with my friends that we should be on up lol..but being more serious.. i dont know about cancer.i wil be doing more research on this because i am really interested in what you havebrought up..and i wouldnt doubt it..i have severe back problems..somedays i cant walk..move..anything..its horrible! i just want to cry all day long..but when its that bad..I will toke a bit..and i feel so much better.,.it takes my pain away for a time being..just enough to make me able to move around..i dont do it al the time..but when i need it the most..and i know the facts about it..but ya know..its no worsethan the oxycontins and everything else out there..i wa on oxy's for 7 years..and my memory is shot..so i say to those who look down on me for doing it once awhile..humbug lol..no one knows the pain im in but me..and once in awhiel wont hurt..