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@mnflower (1301)
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April 19, 2007 2:38pm CST
Don't you thing that it would be a good idea if all the schools from grade school on up set up a once a month evacuation drill for emergencies, such as shootings,fire, etc. I know that when I was in school we use to have firedrills once a month but it seemed they never did find the time to get them done. but with the increase in violance in our schools don't you think that more drastic measures need to be done, does anyone have any suggestions on what could be done in our schools to help make our children feel and be safe? I know I would like to see more security on duty at all time but I know with the school budgets and such it is just so hard for them to do any more,but it is obvious that something needs to be done.
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19 Apr 07
A plus rating for the discussion! Thank you for posting this. I also remember having these drills as a child. In all of the mental health facilities I worked in, there were "supposed" to be monthly evacuation drills. In the group homes that were supported by the facilities, at least in documentation, the drills happened. I know that each classroom of every school (at least in WV) has to have an "Escape Plan" posted somewhere in the room. I do not know if any of the children are ever taught about the plan or not. I do know that we have a lot of fine educators. We have a lot of wonderful teachers and aides. We do not have Enough of any of these; and the ones that we do have are getting tired of having to work with out-of-date materials, being put out to pasture early so younger people that can be paid less can be hired to take their place....OH, here I go, Once you know me you will either love me or hate me - I'm kind of like chicken livers! ~Donna
@mememama (3077)
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19 Apr 07
We had fire drills and earthquake drills all the time when I was a kid. Every once in awhile, we'd have emergency drills on the schoolbus on how to evacuate safely. I think the best drill we had was in highschool. It was for first-aid. We had a mock-up accident and we had to respond to injured people and get them out of harms way while protecting ourselves-I think in this day and age that would be beneficial for all children.