MONK SEAL ATTACK, another tourist attacked oahu north shore.

@kkerix (403)
United States
April 19, 2007 3:58pm CST
Another unsuspecting tourist was attacked in the surf on a north shore beach by the notorious Hawaiian Monk Seal. These territorial sea creatures try to defend their beach head against all other male seals and swimers, surfers to. all of the locals know about these animals, and their behavior, but it is a joke around here with the tourists, we call them seal bait, lol. this is not real funny though because these four hundred pound romeos drown some of the people. most of the drownings are mistaken identities when the seal mistakes the tourist for a female, clamps on th the back of there neck and tries to mate in the surf where they naturally do there business. if you visit here beware of the beach masters, do not become a victim of a needless seal attack.
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