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United States
April 19, 2007 6:04pm CST
All of you here are so full of information, maybe you can help me. I have always wanted to get into doing book reviews, but I never knew how. I am talking about where you receive an advance copy of a book and then read and review it for a company or a website. So, does anyone have any thoughts on how to go about this ? I definitely need just one more hobby...LOL....Thanks for anyone that knows anything about this and shares....Also, would love to hear about your experiences with something like this...Thanks again !
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@steerpyke (396)
24 Apr 07
If you just want to review your own books for websites there is a small amount to be earnt on consumer websites such as Ciao and Dooyoo in Europe and Epinions and Helium in the US. You may need a few examples of your work to send out before you get free books to work on and these sites are good practice. If you want the full links and invites to the sites then message me for the full low down.
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@mouse27 (1155)
• Canada
22 Apr 07
you can pretty much do a book review anywhere and anytime. after all if you look on the back of any book there is at least 3 reviews. i say just read a few books and post your reviews in the daily paper or send it in to a phone magazine. make sure you copy right it tho first (youdon't want someone else stealing your review) to copy right something you wrote you have to mail out 3 copies of it one goes to the publisher the second to a friend and he third you mail to yourself) this will ensure that noone can steal your work and who knows sending them into the local paper might inspire them to hire you to do a column on book reviews.
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