Support goes to VA Tech, All hate goes to FRED PHELPS!!!!!!!!!!!

United States
April 19, 2007 9:28pm CST
"Fred Phelps and the psychos at Westboro Baptist Church are planning to protest at EVERY FUNERAL and MEMORIAL SERVICE that they learn of regarding the students murdered on April 16th! The Westboro B aptist "Church" is an organization that teaches a message of hate. They do not believe that Christ died for everyone in the world, only the elite chosen. They are saying that because higher educationteaches rebeliousness against God that these students deserved to die." WTF IS WRONG W/ THIS STUPID SON OF A #@^$%, HE DOESNT' DESERVE TO LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE NEEDS TO GET A LIFE BEOND ALL REASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. IF YOU LIVE NEAR VA TECH AND CAN GO THERE TO HELP SUPPORT THE STUDENTS, AND TO STOP FRED PHELPS IN A PEACEFUL LEGAL WAY, DO SO! THOSE STUDENTS DO NOT DESERVE SOME STUCKUP SELFISH SELF-CONTRADICTING (his past, read up on it) WANNABE LOSER TO INSULT THE INNOCENT LOVED ONES LOST. PLEASE SUPPORT THE STUDENTS! p.s. if you want this to be a discussion write your beliefs on fred, and SPREAD THE WORD OF HIS EVIL SINFUL ACTIONS OF HATE SO EVERYONE KNOWS TO HATE THE MAN (and his church) W/O A HEART.
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