how can i earn more on mylot?

April 19, 2007 11:32pm CST
i have heared that by uploading pictures we will get more than posting discussions or posting it true?is there any other methods to earn money?i am a new user to mylot.what are these + - and ! does it help us to earn money?
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@klystron635 (1520)
• Philippines
20 Apr 07
myLot - myLot is a community that provides information sharing and gaining with an extra bonus of cash. as for the moment myLot is near the 90000 population mark.
You can acquire additional earnings on myLot by posting pictures but what I know about this is you should have a minimum of 500 points on the number next to your name. Also if you have 500 points you can also use the copy, paste function. Your number is 72 so I guess you should work hard in order to have a 500 score points. I am not sure what will get more earnings, the responses or discussions. Personally, for me it is easier to respond to a discussion than to think a very original discussion and have people respond on them. Other ways of earning big on this site is to refer your link. You will get 25% of the earnings of your referrals so eventhough you don't do anywork, you are still earning. The + means positive mark. - means negative mark.! means abusive. You have to rate the discussions or responses on either of the three marks. I hope I help you in this.
• Malaysia
20 Apr 07
Yes that's true. Uploading pictures for every discussion you created corresponds $.o1 i guess. There are also other methods to increase your earnings, you can use your referral link and post a quality discussion. The positive (+) and negative (-) sign represents how good your responses was in your discussion. You can rate them or mark him/her as the best response. Be reminded that you can't rate your own discussion. Be sure you make a good judgement for every rating you'll make. Once you reach your 100posts you'll have a star beside your username. This star represents your reputation. How you was rated in every discussion you have made and in every discussion you respond. goodluck and keep on posting!
• Philippines
20 Apr 07
Hi welcome to mylot community, base on my observations here in mylot, when i uploaded picture, each pix can earn you around .02 cents but im not really sure as to how much they give for every discussions because it depends on the quality. when you give quality responses then you earn much higher. Just yesterday, i only posted three but i received around .19 and thats already big. but there are times when i post 20 but i only receive not that big amount. the + - you see are rating and some members say that it can help and as well the stars we have since it represents our reputation here in the community. just enjoy mylot and the more you post the more you will learn how it works.