Isn't Wikipedia Great

United States
April 20, 2007 12:12am CST
Talk about an outstanding concept and website. I can't wait until everything is wikified.
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• Pakistan
4 Jul 07
wikipedia is great site ,no doubt if u find any thing it will provide ,i will give it 10 out of 5
@puyol1 (194)
• Malaysia
13 Jun 07
wikipedia is the greatest site to collect information on anything you wanna know.. it helps student like me to complete the assignments..LOL just copy and paste.. .
• United States
14 May 07
I sure cannot wait for everything to be wikified. They are the ultimate educational site on the net. I learn so much on wikipedia and so much more is added on it. Every day it gets updated by current events and other new information. I learned all about motion pictures, places, companies, & Governments. I have wikipedia on my bookmark page so I can access it for any kind of reference.
• India
3 May 07
Yea, wikipedia is the best thing out there. I wonder how they get ideas like that. Heard that they even have a wiki dictionary.
@chiyosan (29438)
• Philippines
21 Apr 07
it is really great. and i agree with you about the concept they have thought. it is just amazing and awesome!!!
• Brazil
20 Apr 07
Sadly they have been deleting many notable sites and webcomics from wikipedia, because they are nt notable, but every frigging pokemon has its own entry. I´d say wikipedia is great, but the editors suck. ---------------- Have a nice day -JCM-
@kiukitsu (291)
• Philippines
20 Apr 07
yes, wikipedia is great. . Everytime i do a research, wikipedia comes in handy!
@Purgy22 (91)
• Philippines
20 Apr 07
I LOVE Wikipedia! Wikipedia is my best friend!!!! It's just lovely. It gives you information about almost anything you want. =)