how many of You friendly with "entrepreneur" word?

@aribaba (368)
April 20, 2007 12:14am CST
as far as I know, entrepreneur means a small business started by someone independently. that's mean You start Your own business by Yourself. how about You, what is Your terms about entrepreneur?
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@naty1941 (2336)
• United States
20 Apr 07
An entrepreneur (a loanword from French introduced, loved and first defined by the Irish economist Richard Cantillon) is a person who undertakes and operates a new enterprise or venture and assumes some accountability for the inherent risks. Entrepreneurship is often difficult, as many new ventures fail. In the context of the creation of for-profit enterprises, entrepreneur is often synonymous with founder. Most commonly, the term entrepreneur applies to someone who creates system to offer a product or service in order to obtain certain profit. Business entrepreneurs often have strong beliefs about a market opportunity and are willing to accept a high level of personal, professional or financial risk to pursue that opportunity. Business entrepreneurs are viewed as fundamentally important in the capitalistic society. Some distinguish business entrepreneurs as either "political entrepreneurs" or "market entrepreneurs." This definition is from Wikipedia and I agree with it.
@aribaba (368)
• Indonesia
20 Apr 07
oh, thank You maam. how I could forget about wikipedia? thank you so much for this explanation, and a little bit caourage for me to go on as an entrepreneur.
@a_ce_e (1427)
• Philippines
15 Jul 07
I think when i say entrepreneur, you are the one who start the business, who capitalized or provide the capital to establish the business, who finance all the expenses and investment, but the one who manage or do the rest of the jobs called businessman. That my own opinion.
15 Jul 07
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