April 20, 2007 2:07am CST
Well, as i look at my past, i came from a family who just love music. Name them: Gospel, country, folks, jazz, rock, hip-hop and many more. But why? I remembered my mom persuaded me to take a piano lesson when i was 6 years old because she saw me playing the piano in the house. "No" i told her "because this instrument is only for girls" of course, in the real sense, it's not but the environment where i stayed that time was dominated by female-pianist so i concluded that piano was a girlish stuff. But well, my mom's words conquered me then i took it. And then..tremendously i did so well that i became a phenomenon in the area where i stayed. I began creating different modes of playing, unlike the plain sounds that all the rest used to play, gospel with a jazzy backgrounds with rocking feet movement. I listened to all kinds of music to enhance my skills then i improvised those into gospel. That time, a new revelation for me and some other girls began to copy me but still of course it was hard because people can differentiate the way i play. Now, that place is already populated with a lot of male pianists. Piano has been part of my life even though i haven't touch it for a long time but still longing to key in my fingers!!
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• China
20 Apr 07
yes,I like piano!