fight the energy vampires.

April 20, 2007 2:16am CST
They are everywhere-people who make themselves feel better at our expense. They take away positive energy from you. But if we are prepared, they wont have power over us. Here's how to deflect the vampires as they strike:- CONSTANT TALKER Scenario- Your plane seatmate wants to talk politics-for the whole flight. Solution-Say, "Thats interesting, but I hope you understand this is my time to relax. I need to read now". THE DRAMA QUEEN Scenario- To your coworker losing $1 in the vanding machine is the end of the world. Solution- Say, "I am sorry that happened-I hope you can work it out-but I need to get back to work". KNIFE TWISTER Scenario- A friendconsoles you after a bad date saying, "Maybe you are setting your sights too high". Solution- Minimize contact with that person. At the least, tell her, "That was hurtful. Please dont say things like that to me". Then recognize the results for the insecurity that they show.
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20 Apr 07
Thank you for sharing those words of wisdom. I have not thought of the people as taking my energy but I need all that I have. I like to be a good listener but sometimes it does leave me feeling drained. Perhaps I should put in my vampire teeth and boost my reserves by stealing some of their energy. LOL
@kathy77 (7488)
• Australia
20 Apr 07
Oh I have never heard this term used in this way we only call them negative thinking of someone who is trying to make us feel low like they are feeling and that they do not have a true life and to think positively, and that they really don't care less about you.