how many ways do you make friends?

@invana (11)
April 20, 2007 3:40am CST
Facing graduating from university, I find I have jusr a few friends .But these friends will leave me weeks later for another cities.In a strange city,no family,no relatives, no classmates,the one we can chat is just the friend.Besides the colleagues, I also want to have same other friends,especially female.cause girls with girls will have more similiar topics and hobbies. but can anyone give me some tips first?by which ways,I could make friends.
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• China
28 Apr 07
just as you,i also cherrish my college life not becarse in the college we need not think about some boring things but also we could make good friends with other classmates.however,after we go out of college,we could not make friends as before for we could not belive others just as we do in the college. so i advice you that you had better be careful .