Dare you argue with your boss when he is wrong?

cry -  miserable / dismissed
April 20, 2007 4:17am CST
If someday,your boss scold you on what you did while you're wright,dare you argue with him?If it's me,maybe i dare not.Cause i'm afraid of being dismissed by him.
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@mdchennai (2129)
• India
31 May 07
Well friend, it depends on the type of boss he is. If he is the one who also listens to others then i would dare to explain him actually what happened, but if he is the one who only believes in what others say and not on me then i would just stay quiet. Even then, i will try to tell few words, but if he fires back then i would keep my mouth shut. After he completes scolding, he will ask me, why dont you react or answer something, that time i will tell him that, i dint do anything, so i dont feel guilty.
• United States
31 May 07
I won't take being scolded by anyone. It is especially tacky for a boss to do that b/c it has the apperance of bullying. No adult has to endure being scolded as if he/she is a child. Job or no job, such treatment should never be tolerated. Perhaps you can't pay your rent with pride and self-respect, but at least you can look yourself in the mirror and know you have your dignity.......
@kgwat70 (13396)
• United States
20 Apr 07
I think it is okay to diagree with your boss but you have to be careful about not losing your temper or saying inappropriate remarks. Every person knows that everyone has an opinion and it may not be the same. The companies and bosses that I have worked for love to hear opinions and suggestions from their employees so I do not see a problem with disagreeing with your boss as long as you do not lose control.