Are you satisfied with your life?

April 20, 2007 12:30pm CST
What's your financial status in life? Do you have a stable job and being paid enough or do you work in a firm who pays less than what you spend. Do you buy a lot of insignificant items just for the fun of buying it or do you have a lot of aspirations which seemed impossible to acquire. After answering this questions, ask yourself, "am I satisfied with my life?" If you are gifted with a lot of wealth and having problems how to spend it, then good for you! Hence, if you're just an ordinary person having just enough of money for the basics then here's something to think of. Try to appreciate other non-material things like friends, family, special someone, or yourself, the small things you have, say you have an old car, a PC with low specs, or even a low-tech mobile phone, try to appreciate the usefulness of these things, imagine without these, your life would be different. Remember, we should be grateful of what we have and be thankful that these things exist in our lives because these simple things that we usually take for granted plays a big role in our daily lives.
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