April 20, 2007 5:27pm CST
In our school most students study very hard.They get good results through hard work.But some students don't want to work hard.They try to find a shortcut to get good marks,When they are taking exams,they cheat.And the new technology now helps them a lot.Cheating is no better than stealing.If someone cheats in the exam,he is thought of as dishonest.Nobody would like to make friends with dishonest fellows.Let's study hard and be honest.
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• Philippines
22 Apr 07
I agree with what you said. Cheating is no better than stealing, actually, for me, it's the same, since you're stealing someone else's answers. Passing or getting a high mark on an exam will only make you feel good about yourself if you got it through hard work and studying. I'm no angel, and I do admit to cheating back when I was still in high school. Whether it was me who was giving out the answers or me getting it from someone else, it was still cheating, no excuse for it. But it usually didn't pay off. I got caught a lot of times, and then I would get a really bad mark for the exam just for cheating. But that was a long time ago.
• Philippines
22 Apr 07
I have this classmate who always call me whenever we have quizzes. She wants to copy my answers and it really annoys me.
• China
21 Apr 07
I have not yet cheated for anything and I'm already at Uni... I have screwed up many times but to be honest, cheating has never crossed my mind during an exam... it's disgraceful... how can someone look at themselves proudly in the mirror with an great grade they did not even earn? When people ask how they did, how can they have the audacity to boast about their grades? And more importantly... what on earth will they tell their kids?!