water therapy is a natural way of weight loss

United States
April 20, 2007 8:17pm CST
i've been doing water therapy for a month and lost 3 lbs, i just eat lunch the first and last meal of the day. then water the whole day,that cleanses your body and helping you to lose weight.If you drinking a lot of water everytime,you won't feel hungry,and you will have a regular digestion.I don't know if we have the same beliefs but that's based on my experience,..
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• Philippines
21 Apr 07
I have read in a magazine that water does in some way helps to reduce weight. However, water alone doesn't do all the work. It also says there that too much sodium or salt in the body may retain lots of fluids in the body. Anyways, I believe that water stills plays a lot in cleansing our body. We must drink eight glasses of water everyday.