The new baby blues

United States
April 20, 2007 8:32pm CST
I have three kids two girls 9,6 and and a baby boy 9mths. My six year old is having a bit of trouble adjusting to not being the baby anymore. She doesn't really act up or anything like she feels that my wife and i don't spend any time with her anymore. I try to take the just the girls or just one of them with me when i go somewhere,but she still seems to feel leftout. Has anyone delt with this before,it wasn't a problem with my first daughter when our second daughter was born so i'm a little lost on how to handle it Has anyone delt with this before,if so what did you do.
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@fawcey (928)
• Australia
2 May 07
I have not have not personally dealt with this before, but some of my friends have been in simular situations. They all seem to be in the same kind of situation where the one that use to be the baby is no longer as a new baby comes along. One of my friends just makes sure like you that they each have their own special time with just them , but sometimes this is hard with a new baby around, so she tries to include her son in helping with the baby, like little jobs that aren't to hard like helping lay the babies clothes out or help to choose what blanket, just little things that make him feel is needed and still important. In time your daughter I think will feel better it is just something new to her but she will adjust, just the fact that you notice she feels left out, to me says that you are aware of her feelings and are a good parent and she will feel this also. I think she will be happier to as your baby grows up and is more fun for your six year old, like can play with and read them books and other older sister stuff I think she will also feel better.
• United States
13 Jun 07
thanks for your reply,sorry for the delay in my response. things seem to be ok for now so we'll see how it goes. :)
@fawcey (928)
• Australia
15 Jun 07
I am glad things are going ok at the moment. Hope it stays that way for you and your family. All the best.