oh well they let DREAMZ stab them in their soft underbelly, LOL , LOL!!!

@kkerix (403)
United States
April 20, 2007 10:17pm CST
well boyz you guys sure wasted that immunity idol, not one vote for alex. sure would have liked to have found out if you guyz put two and two together and got five or not. dreamz is running around behind your backs. i said that last week mookie blew it by telling dreamz about the idol. well i hate to admit this but dreamz is a little smarter than i gave him credit for. what are your thoughts on the game, lol.????
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21 Apr 07
Why do you think Dreamz is smarter than what you originally thought? What Dreamz is doing is advancing other people, not himself. Earl begins to doubt Dreamz and what does Dreamz do? He talks. He not only told them about the idol, he told them Mookie gave the Idol to Alex. What's all the talking for? He is not coming across as all that smart to me. They must not have considered him smart either because they didn't even share the Ed vote with him. We know they don't trust him.....People simply, don't trust people that talk to much. And for all his talking what did it get him in the end? No, if Dreamz was smart he would have swung a vote to get Earl off, instead of going against a sure thing.....He really need some lessons on how to play both sides because he failed last night. Yeah they figured it out Dreamz is behind it, remember what Ed said after the vote about Dreamz? And the preview of Alex next week? One thing is certain, the show is getting good now.