United States
April 20, 2007 11:53pm CST
Do you think that there are more and more teachers out there that just do nat care anymore? Case in point, my daughter had an assignment that she did not understand, the teacher just threw it on the class, like she does on everyother day, but she could not fighre it out, I tried and tried to help her out. I even got online and tried to get any information I could on the paticular mathmatical information, I couldn't find anything, this dragged on for a long time, a month, my daughter begged and begged for help and the teacher just ignored her. They were just having a fun day and watching a movie and my daughter thought it would be the perfect time to ask for help again, the teacher refused. She finally helped her after I threatened to go to the school myself. But should a child have to beg a teacher for help for a month just for help on a paper?
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