i need help!!!!!

United States
April 21, 2007 12:51am CST
Hello Everyone, I am brand new on here and am really really lost, I am really needing help getting my profile set up, I usually use myspace or tagged but someone told me to check this out and I am but now I'm totally lost, and need help. Can someone please help me?
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• Niger
21 Apr 07
Hello fadedspade and welcome to mylot. First of all know that mylot is like myspace as you seam to be familiar with myspace the difference in here is that you earn from your activity and your page's make up is not so important here like in myspace. Here all what you have to do is to read and understand the rules and be a little serious in your activities. For the earning; -you earn for posting responds to discussions interested you and in which you fell to have a respond related to the topic. -you earn for starting discussions,try to be at least serious in your questions so that peoples will respond. -you earn too by posting pictures of your own,not copyrighted one. For the beginning just try to respond and earnings will come by the time,the most you post and the most you earn and if your posts are good quality ones you earn more,they have to be at least more than 4 lines and related to the topic. Good luck and hope you will have a great experience in here.
• Portugal
21 Apr 07
saw ur profile ..... good no probs continue
@avonrep1 (1863)
• United States
21 Apr 07
I read through the other responses and don't have much to add, just wanted to say Welcome to Mylot fadedspade. I wrote a discussion on tips for new mylotters. Here is the link. You might find it helpful. http://www.mylot.com/w/discussions/992090.aspx It has tips that will help you increase your earnings here at mylot. Good luck and Welcome to our community.
@makingpots (11922)
• United States
21 Apr 07
Hello, fadedspade. You will enjoy it here. It is very user friendly. Here are some tips on increasing your earnings here. I wanted something like this myself when I first joined. This is a site that pays!! You need ot reach $10 in order to receive payment, then after that youw ill be paid on the 15th of the next month. There are a few ways to increase earnings. First, you really want to concentrate on quality, long discussions or responses ~ avoid one liners. You can earn a little extra by uploading photos that tie in to your discussions. Rewardng "best responses" to people (found about each post you receive) is a good way to begin building your reputation on the board. For more in depth recommendations see my profile. Feel free to contact me with any additional questions (you will first need to add me to your friend list in order to send me a message.) Of course you want to read through the myLot guidelines as well. Enjoy yourself here. Good luck earning.