dAngeR in geTTinG toO invoLved iN psYchic poWerS

pSycHiC - "tHe pOssEssiOn oF pSychiC pOwers raiSes peOple's cOmpetitiVeneSs, aGgressiOn, aNd eXploitive tEndenciEs tO a moRe subtlE dimeNsion.. it does nOt chaNge theiR hearts frOm lOving mAmMon to lOvinG gOd.."
April 21, 2007 2:11am CST
the mOst obvious danGer in gEtting too iNvolVe in psYchic poWerS iS thAt yOu beComE mOre haRdheArteD and gO furtheR aWay fRoM gOd.... bUt theRe arE alsO otheR danGers, suCh aS beComiNg totalLy wrAppEd up iN aLL thesE asTral zOnes, thiNgking theY're spRituaL.. JuSt beCause thEy're nOt grOss mateRial dOesn't mEan they're spRituaL.. As saiD,suBtlE mateRial eNergY is aLso mAteRial...,
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