April 21, 2007 6:57am CST
How does money make you happy? What qualities must a man have to make a lot of money? Do you ever give money to beggars on the subway?
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@darkzzt (760)
• Canada
22 Apr 07
money allows me to have the means to reach my full potential. whatever i want to do, money will allow me to do it without obstruction. a man must have a goal and not stop until he reaches this goal in order to be successful. nope dont give money to beggars. they have not done anything that is worthy of being paid. i maybe would give some money if they really had no way of getting out of their current situation. my blog:
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• Philippines
1 May 07
Yeah. I also don't give money to beggars. I don't think they're worth receiving money. They also have to work for it. Maybe food, I'll give them But money. No!
• India
21 Apr 07
till one gets satisfied with the money earning they are happy, but if there is no satisfaction then there is no room for happiness in his life....
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• Australia
21 Apr 07
Money can make you happy in the short times, like you can buy something that you want, you can eating any food that you like. but money can't buy you a happiness for real. Man have responsibility to take care his family so he need money to feed his family and pay the tax etc. I do give a money to beggars, if we have more we must share to other people too.
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• China
21 Apr 07
maybe it can give me the chance to get the thing i want.i had ever given to some beggers before but not very much.i think it is enough if i can give me my lover the things she want .i dont wish to much.
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@naem86 (123)
• Malaysia
21 Apr 07
hi mitchhacoy..this is a subjective far,money is not important thing in our live but we need money to go with our life
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