What type of Birth delivery method would you prefer..NSD or C-section?

@catcai (1057)
April 21, 2007 7:16am CST
To all my dear friends i apologize i havent been quite active in mylot lately.. i JUST GAVE BIRTH to my baby girl!!! and I had a C section done... i was really expecting to have her delivered on normal spontaneous delivery since i was in labor for 12 HRS!!! (and because its cheaper and i really wanted to feel what a natural birth does feel..) unfortunately my cervix wasn't cooperative enough to reach the 9-10cm dilation, hence i was given an emergency c-section. So there it was, my beautiful baby girl... its like delivering it both ways, i experienced the labor pains and had her delivered c-section. So if you have a choice- would you opt for a c-section or a normal delivery?