How will you do if your friends lie to you?

April 21, 2007 8:14am CST
I don't like people who always lie to me. I know we can't avoid telling lies in this world.Even ourselves sometimes we are telling lies in some occasion.But if your friends, even your best friend lie to you.What do you think?How will you think?would you like to forgive he or she?
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@nanayangel (7859)
• Philippines
21 Apr 07
I might be able to forgive her if she apologize sincerely and promise not to do it again. No matter how big or small the lie that she made is, it's still a lie. A form of betrayal of someone's trust. Playing with a person's mind. I may be able to forgive her but I will never be able to trust her again. I guess that it's just in my nature to set up my defenses whenever there is a threat of betrayal.
@ironstruck (2299)
• Canada
21 Apr 07
So many people are willing to accept so much abuse from their so called, "friends." If they are your friends they should act like it. Someone who lies to you or is not trustworthy is not your friend. Time to be far more critical about what you expect from your pals before they earn the title "friend."