have u ever been accused of something you didn't do? how did you feel?

@glra2222 (492)
April 21, 2007 8:25am CST
I always get accused of something i never did - i guess im just the suspicious looking scapegoat that everyone picks on hahaha. but really, all the time in school some teachers think i did something like mess with the lockers or do some vandalising because i am asian and look like the person who actually did it. but one time i got arrested because a club manager thought i was going to vandalise his club. I felt very angry and intimidated everytime something like this happens.
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• Australia
21 Apr 07
I'm pretty good at lookng innocent and getting out of trouble so this doesnt usually occur to me. My friend on the other hand... Well he just looks guilty. I was playing games on the school computers (which were not allowed to do) and my mate, jake, was watching me. The teacher looks at him and goes "what are you up to Jake, you have a guilty look on your face". And another time we were out of class for some reason or another. And I'd just started to run up the stars, when i hear a teachers voice saying "hey what are you doing?". I thought he was talking to me, but no. Jake again :P Lol just i thought I'd share.
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@arjun07 (75)
21 Apr 07
This has happened to me, i feel all angry and lose my temper, nut the more i fight, the more i am accused :( once they find out it was not me then i start to feel all good while they start to feel gulity :) well thats me
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