what make girl beautyfull?????

April 21, 2007 10:35am CST
what do think??? i think its the face....
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• Australia
21 Apr 07
First look is face, but after that you must see on her personality, her inner beauty. Some girl maybe not pretty enough but she is attractive because her personality or her brain. If you meet a girl with good looking but she have a bad personality do still look at her as a beautiful girl? I don't think so. All girls are beautiful
• Portugal
21 Apr 07
good like ur way of answering
@mitchacoy (252)
• Philippines
21 Apr 07
Basically, it's the face. But, once you get to know her, I don't think she'll be pretty enough for you. If you're really looking for a beauty, it's in the inside. Could you love a person who is really pretty but stupid? I don't think so. I guess, you'll be proud of your girl if she's a little smarter and caring. So, I think beauty is not found on the outer. It's i the inside.
• Portugal
21 Jul 07
i think now..its her mind and how she approch to other
@amydawn11 (906)
• Canada
21 Apr 07
Beauty comes from within
@ibsnet (1268)
• India
21 Apr 07
Girl is beautiful. Beauty cannot be explained by judging any parts of body. I think a overall look of girl attracts a boy. Not only the face. But this first and foremost attraction one boy stick to one girl is her eyes I think. But it's not the only to say. Beauty in girl is god gifted and this beauty is essential for survival of mankind.