If you are willing to invest less than $225 and wait a little, click here...

@rnc505 (73)
United States
April 21, 2007 3:48pm CST
I just had the biggest brain blast in my entire life. I'm not even kidding, I think I used more brain power in one second then in the rest of my life put together. Ok, here it goes. I found a way to make a good amount of money 3k - 5k/monthly, but this is no get quick rich scheme. This idea is a risky proposition but just like the stock market can be the greatest money maker. Ok. My idea includes two separate websites. There are acually tons of websites like one of them, but for rite now this is the one I will talk about. Ok. Sign-up for a website like trafficswarm (don't worry you'll get all of the urls at the end). Traffic Swarm is a website inwhich you earn credits for surfing other peoples websites. You use these credits and spend them. Each credit promises one view of your website (or affiliate url). Then, (this is where the investment comes in) you sign-up for Success University. The cost is $150 for 1-time sign-up fee and $50 monthly. They are even so confident, that they will let you sign-up for two weeks just for 2 dollars. A really easy way to get started is to not sign-up with Success University until you have atleast 300 credits. Now you set up to spend the credits so that everytime your text ad is view and clicked it goes to your referal link at success university. You only get paid if that person signs-up for success university. Now lets say for every 30 seconds you get 3 credits. If you do it dilligently for 30 minutes, you will recieve 180 credits ( this could be highest or lower, but usually 20 - 40 credits higher). Also, if you refer someone, you get 100 credits rite off the bat. Then for every credit they recieve you get one too. So hourly you could be making 1000s of credits (ok... exageration, but if you refer 1 person and each of you 2 do it for 1 hour, that 720credits + 100 credits and referring someone really isn't hard at all!!!). Now, for everyone 50 credits you spend (50 page views) only 2 people acually signup. So for 1000 credits you get 40 people, which from SU (success university) is like $500+ dollars no joke! Check it out for yourelf if you don't believe me!!! here are the links: http://www.trafficswarm.com/go.cgi?660084 http://www.SuccessUniversity.com
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