Virginia Tech massacre

United States
April 21, 2007 5:01pm CST
Why do you think we have this relatively new trend in our country??? It used to be that depressed or alienated individuals would commit suicide. Now, it seems to be that these troubled individuals opt to take as many innocent people with them as possible. Do you think they are our "suicide bombers?" What are they getting out of it? How can we reverse the trend?
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@joycer (498)
• Sri Lanka
4 May 07
Foremost, I am not from your country. I have watched that really devastating news from CNN. I agree with what tinamwhite said. I think it is not a trend. And i hope it won't be. These troubled individuals usually has deep family problems. If these people grew up in a very loving environment , with parents who are value oriented, these things would have not happened. It's the family which is the building block of one's personality. The feeling of fulfillment is there when they do crimes like this. This also somewhat a form of revenge. Maybe he wants to destroy other families as well, so that he won't be the only "one" who has suffered from parental negligence. That's only my opinion.
@tinamwhite (3255)
• United States
21 Apr 07
I would never say that this is a trend...instead I choose to believe that a few deranged people out there make choices that are devastating to so many. It is hard to understand how this type of thing can happen in our society today. They could not possibly "get" anything from it since they usually take their own lives as well....the destruction that they leave is devastating to so many families including their own. There are so many good couseling centers available throughout the United States ( I do not know about other not wish to offend) but in this case at VA Tech that failed to provide the necessary assistance to prevent this from happening. Although, he and he alone made the final decision to commit this horrific crime against humanity! As a family member or friend....I am sure that it is our responsibility to try to assist these people...someone had to know that his young man was not "coping"....there were many warning signs.....I just do not understand it! The families are of course in my thoughts and prayers!