indian herbals-cancer cure??

April 22, 2007 12:30am CST
Scientists at the university of Pittsburgh cancer institutre have shown that a commonly used Indian herbal supplement Triphala, has the potential to slow down the growth of human pancreatic tumours grafted onto mice. The findings offer hope that one day a traetment for the disease may be developed, though the experts have warned that the study is still at a very early stage. Triphala is a herbal preparation used in the traditional indian medicine system Ayurveda. It contains the dried and powdered fruits of 3 plants..and it is said to release intestinal related disorders and promote good digestion. The current reasearch confirms the findings of previous studies..that have shown triphala to have an anti-cancer activity in cell cultures.It also shows that the herb does not damage the normal pancreatic cells. During the study mice grafted with human pancreatic tumours were administered a triphala solution 5 days a week. When the researchers compared them with those in the control group of mice after 4 weeks, they found the tumours in triphala treated mice were half the size of those in the untreated mice. They also noted that the tumour cells in the treated mice had higher levels of proteins associated with apoptosis, the process by whch the body normally disposes off damaged, old unneeded cells. They discovered that triphala fed orally to mice with human pancreatic tumours was an extremely effective inhibitor of the cancer process, including apoptosis in cancer process. And, better yet..there are no side effects..
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