Communication, What is the best way?

April 22, 2007 4:37am CST
There was one retired professor in my place.His main job was to publish write-ups on literature in magazines and continued continued this for around 40 years till his death. His presentation of a subject was quite interesting and amazing. He is said to be reading books around 16 hours in a day.But he had a bad habit. Whenever he sees a story or poem of poor quality in a magazine, he will literally kill the author with his pen. I shall write an example. " I was away from my home for some days and when I returned and opened the gate, I felt a foul smell coming from my home just like a rotten body of a rat. I opened the door of my house and I came to understand that the smell was coming my drawing room. I went to that room and realized that it was from the the drawer of one table kept in the room. I opened the drawer and I saw a magazine. I opened the magazine and finally I realized that the foul smell was coming the story published in page 47 of that magazine" If the author of the story reads, I am afraid he will never write another story in his life. Infact if a story is not having any quality what approach we have to take on commenting it. Please tell me
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