I cant believe it - I actually found them!

April 22, 2007 6:56am CST
I just want to thank everyone who gave me advise on finding my wandering dogs. I finally made contact with a lady who worked at the council office & she informed me that someone had found my 2 dogs a few weeks ago walking along the highway about 30 - 40km from here. She picked them up & they have since been re-homed with her. She actually thought someone had just dumped them in the middle of nowhere but i made sure the council officer knew that was NOT the case - it looks like Puppy had been trying to get back to where we got him from, which was a LONG way from here. I will hopefully make contact with the new owner tomorrow to find out about getting them back - hopefully soon but i believe she lives 2-3 hours away which could make things a little difficult. We're thinking about letting her keep Puppy, as he is a known wanderer & i am sure he'd try it again (Molly just followed i think - she's never wandered before & when she did get out, she sat at our backdoor) - if she is happy to keep him & has a secure yard for him then we're happy! Molly i cant give up - we have had her since about 2000 & she's one of the family. Our other dog, Boo, has been so lonely without her - they're like terrible twins those 2! I am just so pleased that they are in good health & have someone to care for them - i cant wait until we get Molly back - i have missed her so much. Thanks to everyone who gave me hope, i didn't think it was possible to ever find them again due to living in the middle of nowhere but this really is a wonderful surprise! THANK YOU!
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@r3v3ng3 (484)
• Romania
22 Apr 07
i'm happy for you. i had the same situation about 6 years ago. i live in apartment and i had a cat. every norning i had to let her out until evening when i was going for her. but in one evening i never found her. after few days one of my neighbor told me that he had seen when a car hit my cat.
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@AmbiePam (50160)
• United States
23 Apr 07
That's wonderful news! I can't fathom how upset I'd be if I couldn't find my two puppies. The dog I had before them was stolen, but I looked everywhere, thinking I may hear him bark, or maybe he got away from the people who stole him... I'm so glad that you will be reunited with Molly.
• Australia
23 Apr 07
It's hard with stolen dogs - we've had that happen before. While we were moving house, the neighbours took my 2 dogs & 2 pups & i never saw them again & it always hurst to think about what might have happened to them - that was almost 3 years ago now! I was listening out for Molly & Puppy :) I figured someone had them coz they were so friendly, i never imagined they'd be wandering along the highway, miles from where i live. I'm just glad someone was thoughtful enough to actually pick them up & give them a 2nd chance! I'm sorry to hear about your dog, it's awful when people do things like that.
@Woodpigeon (3710)
• Ireland
23 Apr 07
Wow, you hear about this happening every once in awhile, but I have never had an animal try to make their way back anywhere. We have moved many times over the years and were always afraid the cats would get confused and not be able to understand that it was their new home. Congratulations on getting them found when they were so far away and several weeks had passed. I don't think people usually lok that far afield when they are trying to lcate the owners! I think your dogs were being watched over.