The shocking shooting in Virgina

@funguy (148)
April 22, 2007 9:04am CST
I heard about the crazed gunman in Virgina University and was really shocked to find out later that it was actually a student. Worst of all he shot himself afterwards. I was shocked that he has not been depicted as a terrorist. The word terrorist absolutely fits this gunman 100% as it is equivelant to a suicide bombing. He murdered his fellow students in a complete rage and then committed suicide. The muslim world was scared that if he turned out to be a muslim then the word, 'TERRORIST' would have surfaced from some unknown source. My question is this. Why is he not labeled a terrorist when he clearly terrorised the students and acted the same crime out as suicide bombers?
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• United States
26 Apr 07
Good point. It should be called a terrorist act, but I suppose if they did, the Moslims would be afraid. I gave you a + rating again for this post. The whole world is a mess of violence. This happening is only one thing, of many daily that we hear of. It's so very sad.
@funguy (148)
1 May 07
Actually you have a valid point. Probably not to make Muslims feel paranoid they didn't use the word terrorist. If that was the case then the word really has been associated to muslims. Anyway, regardless of whether they call him a terrorist or not I suppose the bigger picture is what you just mentioned, that the world is a total mess of violence. So sad, I agree!
@elairz (260)
• Malaysia
22 Apr 07
maybe because he is not affliatted with any terrorist faction. unless there are any hard proof that he connected with a terrorist group it would be unwise to label him as terrorist. if they label him as terrorist i'm pretty sure that some of student will drop their studies and goes elsewhere.
• India
22 Apr 07
The fact he is not being labelled as terrorist is that he was declared mentally ill around 2 years ago. But nobody in the world knows why such a mentally ill student was allowed to freely roam outside closed chambers. It is certainly sad that this is even worse than a terrorist attack but we can only pray that these things dont happen again. He not only killed 20 people but also shell shocked the whole world with this incident.