which one do you prefer more!!!!!!!!

April 22, 2007 10:58am CST
mr. lonely or smack that or i wanna love you........
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• Philippines
22 Apr 07
smack that!!!!!
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@deesamps (653)
• United States
22 Apr 07
I like the song Smack that but my favorite Akon song is Don't Matter.
• United States
23 Apr 07
same here! i like fun music though, im not a music junkie like 90 percent of everyone. my school, they feel they need to dress/act/and be like the music they listen to. if you looked at me youd never guess i was into nothing but rap, and im i act normal like myself not a G, notta pimp, just me. i can be a pimp sometims though lol.... but, i guess this is just about our fav. song, not my view on what i just typed. so there ya go. :P
• India
21 Jul 07
For me it will be smack that. It's just awesome song. I love it a lot. He do have made a great rap and awesome rhymes out there.
@bukiebluz (153)
• Nigeria
21 May 07
i luv all three songs but i will go for i wanna love u.good choice, dont u think?
@jlara_gtr34 (3492)
• Philippines
21 May 07
i prefer none of your choices. i prefer akon's song entitled "dont matter" i really like the lyrics its like "you and me against the world". lolz. :)
@alilswt (388)
• United States
16 May 07
smack that
@zhanizh (20)
• Philippines
8 May 07
i love the rhythm on smack that.. and the lyrics of 'don't matter... well... akon juz has a way of making a song into its own masterpiece.. it's juz simply great...
27 Apr 07
I listen to the three songs but if have to choose betwwen them i say i wanna love you
• Canada
25 Apr 07
i wanna love you