Desert Storm vets and brain tumors....

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April 22, 2007 10:59am CST
I was answering a post earlier in regards to brain tumors and it reminded me of this topic and I would like to see what anyone has to say or if they have dealt with this situation. My children's father was a Desert Storm vet. He began to grow a very large brain tumor not long after his return (though it was not seriously dignosed until 2002). It was very slow growing and affected his whole left frontal lobe. It was a very rare type of tumor and it did eventually lead to his death in 20004. Now, I received news that the military is conducting studies on the large number of brain tumors experienced by Desert Storm vets. We OKed releasing his medical records to an independent Study organization. So, do you know of any DS vets who have experienced tumors? Are you convinced that something was done to or around the vets during that time that contributed and lastly, is the military responsible??
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@lauriefnp (5112)
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1 Jun 07
There have been many claims of Desert Storm Vets being afflicted with rare and aggressive cancers at a young age. It is thought that they were exposed to some chemical in the environment over there. I don't believe that the Military can be blamed, however, unless they had full knowledge of the exposure and did nothing to protect the servicemen/women. Unfortunately, chemical exposure is one of the very real dangers of Military conflict in this era; although the Military tries to train the servicemen and prevent exposures, I don't believe that they can be held responsible for something that they don't know about. Either way, anyone who has any illness or disability resulting from Military service is definitely entitled to healthcare benefits through the VA Hospital Systems.
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2 Jun 07
Of course, my theory is that it has nothing to do with any chemical exposure from any outside source. I have spoken to many people who have loved ones with neurological ailments and the response is always the same . "They made them take ALL these vaccinations with a side effect list a mile long". Interstingly enough we have gotten word that the military is now conducting a post morbid study into neurological problems associated with Desert Storm and we signed to release his records. So obviously they have an idea they are responsible. Thanks for the post.
@deanas (1)
• Sheridan, Wyoming
10 May 13
My husbandis a desert storm vet. and was justdinosed with a brain tumor . Just wondering what other vets. jobs were in Dessert Storm.