Protecting children from profanity... Is it really necessary?

United States
April 22, 2007 12:07pm CST
What is the point in sheltering children from things like profanity, violent images, etc. in the media? Is it really necessary? They are going to be subjected to it as adults, so why bother hiding it from children? Is it a parent's way of denying that these things exist in the world? I think that sheltering a child from "the real world" (as ugly as it may be in some respects) gives the child a sense of false security. When these children grow up and are subjected to these things, they might be overwhelmed by it because they're not accustomed to it. What are your views on this? I would like opinions from both parents and non-parents.
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• United States
26 Apr 07
Each parent has their own reasons why they keep things like that from their kids. As a non-parent I would think they should be told about things in the media when they seem old enough to understand it. I wouldn't show it to some 2 year old and expect them to know what's going on. Then again some 2 year olds would understand it better then some adults.
• India
22 Apr 07
I am not married but in my view i feel that children should be protected from profanity, because rather than being overwhelmed later on the effect of using cursing words in front of the children does have a drastic effect & the effect will be more phsycological. The Content on the TV & in the Movies that we all get to watch is sometimes pretty insane & sometimes they just don't make any sense for the kids & they feel that if he is able to do it then why shouldn't I do it. Kids are becoming more & more intelligent by day & with the advancement of technology there is always a greater need. But all this doesn't mean that we should stop them from learning few things & yes at the same time we should tell them that using profanity or doing a senseless act is not acceptable.