on weight and beauty..are words "fat and ugly " overly used and abused??

self-esteem level check ladies!!! - where has our self-esteem gone?
April 22, 2007 12:20pm CST
oh well us girls, we tend to over react and blow things out of proportion.. when you label a person (yourself included) "Fat"..is this really based on facts or is it just based on what we set our criteria on? like.. are you fact because you feel fat or are you fat because society and magazines tell you so? what really is a great looking body? how does one define a pretty face? where has our self-esteem gone? yikes!
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22 Apr 07
One of the worst things about the fashion industry and the media is their insistance on girls and women being skinny dolls. Look back a little into history, look at the pre-raphelite paintings at the gorgeous curvy women in the paintings. Ok, which do you prefer, a woman with curves or a stick thin pinched face miss. I bet most of the guys will chose the curves :-)