Petco and Petsmart

United States
April 22, 2007 1:40pm CST
Both Petco and Petsmart have come into new management and the difference is so obvious as to which store cares more about the animals and which does not. Petsmart hired knowlegable people and tought them new things everyday to better take care of all the animals and to better help the empolyees answer customers questions, Correctly. Petsmart pay their employees more for their knowlege with the belief "it is far better for all the animals to be taken care of properly even if it cost more for their knowledge". The get the "you get what you pay for". They pay their employees more, their workers there for care more and recognize an animal if it is sick. Their animals have nice big, clean habitats. Petsmart has made great strides since it came under new management. KooDo's to PETSMART! Petco on the other hand got rid of all the full time knowledgable people that were getting paid more and w had to be given no less then 32 hrs aweek. They got rid of all these higher paid employees useing many different dirty and underhanded tactics and went to what ever exstreme necessary to rid their stores of full time personel. They then hired young, clueless teenagers that no NOTHING at all about animals but could pay them $7.00 an hour and give them 30 hrs 1 week and 11 hours the next week and nothing could be said about it. I ask you if interested in the facts I have stated above to stop into a couple of Petco's and ask employees questions and see how many "I DON'T KNOWS'S" you will get. Check the Rats out and see the labored breathing they have, almost all their rats have respitory infections. Check out how many animals are stuffed together into tiny, nasty, habitats. Please give me your findings, I am very interested to see how many people are aware of the Animal Cruelty that is a daily thing at Petco stores everywhere.
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