when to give up, when to hold on?

United States
April 22, 2007 2:08pm CST
For those who truly love or in love? In every relationships, however we love or how in love we are. Once in a while we experience some misunderstanding, some would sometimes be unsettled. SOme pety arguments would sometimes worsen. Some may end up mental, emotional and physical abuse. For all those who are in relationhsip (especially for those married). Have you been into a situation wherein you feel like giving up and your relationship is going nowhere? If so, What did you do? So as of now are you stil with your partner or not? When are you going ot give up or hold on in a relationship? especially for the married ones? As for myself. I used to think those situations won't happen to me. BUt I just relaize it now. I don't want to hang on in relationship or marriage that is full of lies and has a lot of repeating lies. Sigh.. How does marriage works If there's no honesty? HOw can the other half trust if that's the case? And I do believe that love hates lies..
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