Cars running on compressed air

MDI car from France - The photo if from the front page of the inventors website:
A site worth checking out.
United States
April 22, 2007 8:48pm CST
In France a car has been invented, new engine design and all, that runs on compressed air. The first thing people love to point is that, you have to get compressed air from somewhere and that usually comes from using fossil fuels. But, no always or anymore. At home, you can run your compressor on Solar Photovoltaic or Wind generated electricity. You get home, plug the car in and by morning your ready to go. We will never be able to grow enough plants for both fuel and food. So, what's left, a car the runs on compressed air. No waste whatsoever, not even a heavy battery to dispose of. Which means that the car is also lighter, without all those batteries. Forget Hydrogen, its a pipe dream and the only ones pushing it are investors and people linked to the fossil fuel industry. Think about it, a car that is recharged by renewable energy and produces no pollution. None!
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