How do you stop smoking?By youself?Or somebody's help?

@hkdgkurt (147)
April 22, 2007 9:45pm CST
You know,Smoking is bad habit.i was use to stop it many times,but i lose.How do you make it happen?tell me ok?
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@Sissygrl (10915)
• Canada
23 Apr 07
I quit smoking whenn i wanted to start trying to have a baby, so nearly two years ago. i just convinced myself that its REALLY gross, which it is.. and that i didnt want to do it anymore. I smoked for ten years before i quit. I think everyone can do it, all you need is a little will power and to really want to do it. There are a lot of steps that you can try, like chewng gum, wearing a nicotine patch, eatin candy instead of smoking, plain old staying away from other people that smoke. Drink lots of water when you are having a craving. And change your routine. If you usually have a cup of coffee and a smoke in the m orning, tommorrow get up and have APPLE juice and go for a walk, something like that so that you can keep your mind on other things besides wanting that EVIL smoke :P Good luck, and let us know if you decide to try to quit :)