what's the most awful food you have tasted?

@laiza14 (593)
April 23, 2007 1:40am CST
the subject says it all.. =)
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• Philippines
29 Apr 07
i really hate it when the rice i'm eating was not cooked thoroughly, as if you we're eating raw grains. i'm not choosy when it comes to food, but i really don't like eating durian candy at all.
@luannemay (258)
• Philippines
24 Apr 07
The most awful food i've tasted is Chesa, I don't know if you're familiar w/ it. Its a fruit, the flesh is yellow orange, my parents made me eat it because they believe its healthy but the color and taste were just to awful for me.
@nengs10 (3188)
• Philippines
23 Apr 07
wasabi - i hate wasabi
I really hate wasabi. It is the thick green root of the wasabi plant that the Japanese use in cooking and that tastes like strong horseradish; in powder or paste form it is often eaten with raw fish. I actually love Japanese food. I like sushi a lot especially the sashimi. However, I tend to set aside the wasabi beside it because it makes me want to puke. No offense but it's totally a mess. It's such an extremely unpalatable food. It may sound funny but even my parents agree with me on this. What's strange is one of my uncles like it so much. He would even eat it without the sushi itself. Oh no, I don't want to think of it. It just drives me nuts. Again, I just hate wasabi.