How to make 500$ a month?

@vaasha (15)
April 23, 2007 2:56am CST
I am gonna tell you my dream. I am pretty sure, what I wanna do in my life, which is the thing not everyone can tell you. I chose wrong the technical university, which I am finnishing now - it didn't give me much except friends and fun. What I really wanna do is to continue study, this time linguistics and swedish language, because I love languages both theoretically and practically. I don't want to be idle during my free time either. I want to manage and work for Erasmus student club and everyone who knows this will tell you how great it is - you help foreign students comming to your country, create some program for them, plan trips, raise money etc. It is great experience, compelling task and you meet there great persons. However this job is not paid. In order to follow my dream I would need something like 500$ a month, so I can pay my dormitory, food, books, some fun and flower to my girlfriend. Can you help me to find real opportunity to do it? I do not say it must be easy, quick and without any work, I love to do something useful. 500$ might not seem a great amount of money to U.S. citizen, but it would take almost all my afterschool time to earn that in my country doing students jobs, so I won't be able to participate in Erasmus clubs programme. On the other hand there can be serious opportunity in USD$ which can provide this money with limited amount of work each month. Thanks for your ideas and have a nice day even if you do not know the solution.
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