Your Sims 2 fave creature

@mercchan (133)
April 23, 2007 3:03am CST
Which creature from the sims 2 do you like the best? I have to say that vampires are my favorite, though I like werewolves and servos pretty much also. I've never played a zombie, and I think that aliens and plant people are kind of boring.
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@Skyshr (79)
• Hong Kong
10 May 07
Well, I like vampire too. Their "profile pic" looks cool. But they cannot be exposed to light. It's quite inconvenient. In terms of usefulness, I like Servo the best. They can be fully recharged in few hours. I like using them to manage my business since they can work and be recharged, while Sims have to sleep (Sims cannot sleep in community lot, so they have to go home)
@mercchan (133)
• Chile
11 May 07
You know what is funny? I never thought about letting my servo ran the bussiness... that's ironic, since the whole OFB campaign was about servos and how they could help running bussiness... -.-