Do you ever stare at the screen too long without blinking?

@ArienKing (4647)
April 23, 2007 6:02am CST
Some of the time when I read something I enjoy, I'll forget to blink, then when I do I have to pause for a minute while my eyes tear. Does that happen to you too?
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• Australia
23 Apr 07
Actually embarassing as it is to admit, this happens to me quite often. My ears dont usually tear though, thats one of those rare things. I just get so absorbed in what I am reading that I forgot the other elements around me, including what i have to do to keep my eyes from hurting lol And funnily enough, as i was reading the description of your conversation, i realised that it had been a while since i last blinked. I also do this when I am writing on the keyboard, even though things are moving in front of me. I think subconsciously I know that blinking will put me off a little so I neglect to do it as much.