Being physically fit

April 23, 2007 6:08am CST
Do you think being slim is healthy? Do you want to maintain your weight or you want to gain more pounds? Well, for me I'm not fat but I still want to lose weight.I believe being slim will allow you to enjoy a lot of things like wearing sexy clothes.Morever,it keeps you away from diseases like hypertension,diabetes and heart diseases.I think to become fit means to be healthy and happy.
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• Philippines
28 Dec 09
being slim doesn't necessarily mean healthy.I would rather achieve my ideal weight based on my height.I am not really slim,but I am proud of myself.some describe my body as "womanly" since I am shapely.also,I can't be slim since I have big bones.with regards to clothes,I am perfectly happy being size 6.
• Philippines
23 Apr 07
Im very much concern about being physically fit thats why even though im not fat, i do go to the gym and work out just to tone up my body. Aside from having a physically fit body it also helps our cardiovascular system. I am a nurse and being expose to the hospital really motivates me to be healthy. having a fit body can also somehow boost a persons self esteem.
@kaka135 (14131)
• Malaysia
23 Apr 07
To me, I don't think being slim is healthy. But definitely, being fat is not healthy. :p As for my weight, I think I just want to maintain it, although my friends said I'm too light. I just want to exercise more to be more fit, and my skin becomes firmer. Yeah, I do agree that being fit is healthy, you'll feel fresh and more energy, and seldom fall sick too.
@coolmailraj (2461)
• India
23 Apr 07
Being healthy is a touch related to the figure but being slim and being fit are not one and the same thing. I am looking forward to maintain my weight as currentely I am in perfect shape and fit too. Let me tell you this that it is not being slim that keeps you away from diseses but being fit keeps you healthy and if you have a natural shape that is not slim than it is totally fine.
• Australia
23 Apr 07
I try to mantain my weight, and have actually been succesfull in doing this, keeping the same what for around three years now :) Although i want to lose a bit of fat around my stomach area, even though from what im told its only around 10%. I Just want to do this for a bit of toning really. I dont think being really ultra anorexic like slim is healthy at all though. I think to be healthy you should need to do the 30 mins of exercise you apparently should do everyday. I dont think being healthy means that you have to run 10 miles everyday.
@jolope (988)
• Philippines
23 Apr 07
i think its better to maintain a healty lifestyle.. it includes watching your weight but most importantly eating good food.. you're right about the clothes but its not everything in this can wear anything you want as long as you can carry yourself properly..its a matter of confidence..